3 Reasons Why Kids Are Afraid of Dentists

Woman afraid of the dentistDental phobia is real, and people can experience it in varying degrees. Experts say that the issue stems from childhood and is carried into adulthood. So, it would be beneficial to learn about how such a condition develops. Here are three possible reasons that could explain where the fear of getting dental assistance comes from.

Bad examples from parents

A study in Spain found that a parent's dental fear or phobia can be passed onto children. Findings showed that heightened dental fear in the family made it more likely for children in those families to develop dental anxieties. If you are a parent with dental phobia, try to keep your dental fears to yourselves. What’s important is that you set a good example for your children about oral health. Otherwise, you might be influencing your children to fear the same thing.

If you do have diagnosed dental phobia, it’s important to seek help and address it so you can get the dental treatment you need. 

Intimidating doctors

Try to see things from your child’s point of view: You walk into a space, and there are pointy and sharp tools lined up next to a chair. There’s a stranger in a white lab coat with a mask on who asks to open your mouth and points the sharp tools to your mouth. With such an unwelcoming atmosphere, who wouldn't be threatened? Fortunately, these days, more pediatric dentists are aware of dental phobia, and they are taking steps to avoid any negative associations with their craft. The key to choosing a dentist for your children is to find one who is friendly and unintimidating.

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Online influences

These days, there are online games and other resources that children can get their hands on that portray doctors, especially dentists, as the “enemy.” Without censorship, young children can get the wrong idea about what dentists do and they end up thinking that they shouldn’t let these doctors near them. So, make sure that you teach your child about what dentists do and monitor what they do with their smart gadgets.

If not addressed quickly, dental anxiety can become a huge problem. If your kids are showing signs of dental fear, address these problems immediately so, you don’t end up with bigger problems in the future.