3 Treatment Options for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Patient with Deep Vein Thrombosis

A thrombosis refers to a blood clot. When clots form, they cause blockage in the blood vessels, leading to an array of health effects. Deep vein thrombosis is the result of a blood clot in the veins that are located in the leg. Deep thrombosis treatment may involve the use of superficial or invasive mediums, which include supportive stockings and filter implantation.

This overview by Veniti provides an insight of the condition while highlighting the various treatment options.


Most deep thrombosis treatment options center on preventing the clot from growing. Besides, they also attempt to prevent the occurrence of a pulmonary embolism. Put simply; pulmonary embolism happens when the clot dislodges from the vein and attaches itself to the pulmonary artery, the core blood vessel carrying blood to the lungs.


One way to treat deep vein thrombosis is using drugs such as heparin and warfarin. These prescription drugs serve to thin the blood vessels; thus, making it difficult for any clots to form. They also ensure that the existing clots reduce in size. If the blood thinners fail to work, your doctor may prescribe thrombolytic drugs, which work by breaking up clots.

Compression Stockings

Wearing compression stockings prevents any swelling. It also mitigates the risk of any blood clot formation. You may have to wear the stockings on a daily basis.


For patients not able to take the blood thinning medications, filter implantation is the best option. In this case, a filter will be put in the large-sized abdominal vein known as the vena cava. This treatment option keeps pulmonary embolism at bay, by hindering clots from entering the lungs. If the filter placement is not feasible, you may have to undergo surgery to eliminate the existing clot.

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You can decrease the risk of getting the condition by making several lifestyle changes. First off, you need to keep your blood pressure levels under control. Also, quit smoking habits and lose weight if you are overweight. If you have been sitting for a long while, you ought to move your legs around to keep the blood in circulation.

Deep vein thrombosis treatment can be administered in several ways, namely, filter implantation and stockings. You can avoid getting the condition entirely by ensuring that you stay mobile and maintain proper weight levels.