5 Unique Ways to Deal with a Loved One’s Ashes

Urn being placed on top of white rosesCremation may be your choice when placing a loved one’s body to rest. After all, the service costs less than a burial. While it lacks the religious affiliations that burials have, Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory noted that cremation in Clearfield could be the funeral of choice for your loved one.

What to Do with the Ashes

No matter the reason, you will soon be left with nothing, but the ashes of your loved one. What can you do with the remains? People commonly scatter them at a special location. They place them somewhere visible at homes, such as a mantelpiece or a shrine above a cabinet. Apart from that, you can do much more to commemorate the life of your loved one.

Turn into a Reef or a Tree

If your deceased family member loved the ocean, you can make a reef out of their remains. There are companies that make the remains of a person into a reef where ocean life can grow. If your loved one likes to be around trees, on the other hand, you can ask a different company to mix your loved one’s remains with nutrients that can eventually grow a tree.

Tattoo on Your Body

When you want something that will stick with you forever, you can find tattoo artists who can mix your loved one’s remains with ink. The artist can then tattoo the mixture onto your body in the design you want to have. Research about this choice first, especially the health effects that it may have.

Transform into Jewelry

When you want a shinier keepsake, you can turn your loved one’s ashes into a diamond. You can request for it to be set on a ring, in a necklace, or on earrings. Otherwise, when you opt to keep your loved one’s ashes as ashes, you can simply wear a necklace with a capsule that contains the remains.

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With these unique options, you can celebrate the beautiful person that your loved one was in the way you deem best.