About Us

Texas Perkins aspires to be the number one reference of anything that has to do with health and wellness online. We feature quality content that not only serve as guide to people, but help enlighten them with new topics arising in the different parts of the globe. We see ourselves as a shepherded in promulgating information about the different aspects of health. We help people by posting different tips, news and updates, along with stories of various eyewitnesses and even survivors of deadly diseases.

Given the complex nature of our work, we wish to employ both clarity and simplicity in imparting information in our website. It is our mission to be of use to people belonging to various sectors of the society. With this, we hope to develop a unique relationship with our clients, as we firmly believe such is critical in deriving sustainable solutions that are ideal to readers’ situation. Here, you will see interesting articles about everything that is relevant to the world of health and wellness.

What we believe in

Texas Perkins firmly believes that having a basic knowledge about the issues in health will somehow make a person better prepared for the uncertainties in the future. As we move towards a more advanced, way of living, new complications arises. We want to become a starting point of ideas that will help negate any inconveniences that exist in a person’s life.  Moreover, we believe it is our mission to take a stand on the distribution of the necessary information about health and wellness. With this, we hope to become the leading hub for information on such matter.