Conservative and Surgical Options for Relief of Chronic Low Back Pain

Woman with back painOne of the most common conditions of the spine affecting American adults today is chronic low back pain. A person who experiences pain of this kind knows very well how incapacitating it can be.

Low back pain affects all aspects of a person’s life. You can manage low back pain by conservative and surgical procedures. If you have low back pain, let us look at your current options.

Treatments to try before having surgery

Most doctors will recommend conservative management before referring the patient for back surgery. To manage the pain, a doctor would prescribe medication. The type of pain medication depends on whether the origin of the pain is muscular, neural (involving) the nerve, or skeletal (involving the bone).

For severe pain, doctors may prescribe epidural steroid injections, which is part of a comprehensive management program that included physical rehabilitation. Conservative management typically comprises of exercises for specific muscles as well as overall conditioning exercises, flexibility exercises, and stretching.

Surgical options for chronic low back pain

Orthopedic doctors based in Ft. Worth such as Cervical Spine Institute are the best medical professionals to consult about surgical options for low back pain. When the diagnosis is a pinched or compressed nerve due to a herniated disc, a spinal decompressions procedure may be the best option.

Decompression surgery offers alleviation of pain due to nerve impingement. There are different methods employed by the surgeon all of which are minimally invasive.

More invasive surgery requires longer recovery periods due to the amount of damage on tissue incurred during operation. Some surgical procedures can be performed together depending on the patient’s current needs.

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Most surgeries are done singularly though. The doctor determines the procedure or set of procedures allowing the patient the most relief and best outcomes in terms of return to function.

A spine or orthopedic surgeon can help you make the best of your life despite pain and dysfunction brought about by chronic low back pain. A prompt consult with the right specialist is the first step to pain relief and recovery.