Invisible Braces: Changing The Way We See Teeth

Invisible BracesHaving braces in the past meant a long treatment time, wearing an often-annoying metal brace that the patient had no control over. Cleaning and maintenance of a traditional ‘train track’ brace can be difficult.

With new advances, many dental practices like PDC Dental can offer more practical solutions to straighten teeth. In Barnsley, invisible braces can be provided that can be removable, making them much more practical than a fixed appliance.

Another great advantage of an invisible brace is that it’s much less conspicuous than a traditional brace. The visual appearance of braces may have deterred many patients from striving for straighter teeth in the past.

Invisible braces in Barnsley

A fabulous treatment that has been sweeping the nation is Invisalign treatment. Invisalign benefits from being completely removable and almost completely invisible to the naked eye.

Invisalign uses a series of plastic tooth trays that are specifically moulded for each patient’s needs. These trays are changed every two weeks and are slightly different in shape in series. This moves the patient’s teeth slowly and gradually to the patient’s desired position.

A huge advantage of this type of treatment is its removability. Being able to remove the aligner means that the patient can more efficiently look after their teeth and won’t have any trouble when eating the foods they love.

In Barnsley, invisible braces like Invisalign can be provided for most adults, but the only way for a patient to make sure they are able to receive treatment is with a consultation with a professional.

The benefits of straighter, more regimented teeth

There are obviously many aesthetic advantages when it comes to the straightness of a patient’s teeth, but there are also many health advantages when it comes to teeth straightening.

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Teeth are stronger when they work together evenly. When teeth are straight and meet in the middle, individual teeth are put under less stress, putting them at less risk of damage.

Straighter teeth are also much easier to look after and keep clean. Brushing is make more efficient with straight teeth, allowing the patient to preserve their natural teeth for years to come.