Laser Gum Surgery: Keeping the Infection at Bay

Girl getting ready to undergo dental surgeryWhen you brush your teeth and then you see your toothbrush turn red, it can be unpleasant. It has been reported that with most adults, around 85% have some a kind of gum disease. While some cases may be resolved with proper care, several procedures can help make gums healthier.

The first treatment is cleaning or scaling. Called deep cleaning, the dentist divides the area of your mouth into four. Each section is then treated. The gums are made numb, and then the dentist or hygienist profoundly cleans the surface under the line of your teeth in your gums. This type of treatment tries to stop the progress of the infection. This does not make lost collagen come back. The pockets formed are still open. Bacteria may attack again, or germs may proliferate. Nevertheless, this is the first line of treatment. If it fails, then the dentist will recommend surgery.

What are the two types of surgery?

The first type of treatment is the laser gum surgery. The same principles are applied, but it is less painful and invasive. Laser gum surgery is done in Montclair Dental Spa. The laser light kills the bacteria through a beam. Germs, as well as the infected tissues, are killed. Calculus is also then destroyed through an ultrasonic root cleaner.

Also, laser energy heats the stem cell. This heat makes the soft pocket tissues stickier and creates protection. This jello-like substance makes it hard for germs and plaque to form. This enables the healing process to begin.

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On the other hand, traditional surgery or periodontal surgery is done by using a scalpel to cut a part of the gums. The gums are then pushed back to access the tooth root. The roots are then cleaned and the bones are shaped. The gums are then sewn back together. Sometimes the gums may be reduced to also lessen the pocket height.

The traditional surgery, however, is not without risks. There may be infections, sensitivity to extreme food temperature or liquids. Sometimes there may even be a higher risk for cavities because of the exposed teeth.

What’s also good about the procedure is that it allows tissue and bone to develop again. In doing these two methods, it is essential to choose a dental clinic which offers many services such as cosmetic surgery. There are also other services such as teeth whitening, clear braces, veneers, tooth colored fillings, root canal, digital radiology, and imaging.

Being able to know your options is good. There is nothing like the feeling of a clean, healthy set of teeth after brushing.