More Than Six Months Without a Dental Visit? Here’s What Happens

Cosmetic Dentist in South BendNo one can truly emphasize the significance of having healthy teeth. If you don’t see your dentist for a minimum of six months, several nasty things will happen in your mouth.

Life can take its toll that you feel that you don’t have time to do anything, let alone visit a family dental professional at South Bend. After reading the unpleasant symptoms below, you will be dialing your dentist’s phone number in no time.

Tooth Stains, Abscesses and Pus

Plaque buildup can cause the teeth’s color to turn darker or give a yellow shade because of the stains from smoking, decay, and food. Setting up a regular cleaning with your dentist can ensure that your teeth are free from discoloration. Dentists will be the ones to locate pus and abscesses unless your situation is already worse. You will need to undergo X-rays apart from regular appointments to prevent infections from growing.

Oral Cancer and Disease in the Body

Oral cancer is not only unpleasant, but also life threatening. Dentists require patients to get an oral cancer screening every six months to detect it early. Meanwhile, cancer is not the only disease you have to worry about because your teeth can also affect other parts of your body. Experts reveal that oral health is connected to other body systems and many illnesses, such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and breast cancer.

White Coated Tongue and Plaque Buildup

It’s no surprise that you will be getting plaque buildup in your teeth. Not only that, bacteria will accumulate inside your mouth, forming a white coating on your tongue and causing bad breath. If this continued for more than a few weeks, you have to see your dentist.

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Other symptoms include cavities, bad breath, gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth decay. Going to the dentist might be annoying, but your general health relies on those appointments, so never skip them. You aren’t only risking the appearance of your teeth, but you are also endangering your other body parts.