Principles of Memory Care for Nursing Home Residents

care helper taking care of a group of elderlyThere are currently millions of senior citizens with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease worldwide. Rather than brush them off as conditions associated with aging, you must accommodate the needs of these patients to enable them to maintain a fulfilling life.

It is virtually impossible to care efficiently for patients suffering from these memory disorders at home, especially if you’re too busy at work. If you live in Utah, perhaps the best option is to choose a nursing home in Ogden with the expertise and environment suited to memory care. Most families are apprehensive about nursing homes with the bad rap many facilities have been getting.

But there are now guiding principles for memory care nursing homes, which guarantee optimal care for their patients.

Person-Centered Care

This principle involves the provision of interventions and services based on an individual patient’s needs. Person-centered rather than generalized care has been shown to improve the lives of patients with memory loss. Before deciding on an appropriate care approach, the nursing home staff assesses the patient’s expectations, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.

Environmental Support

A patient’s environment should be designed to support his or her safety, independence, and engagement. To this end, nursing homes have now reduced excess noise and unnecessary brain stimulation. The environment is also marked with way finders, color-coded reminders, grab bars, non-slip floors, and good lighting to improve safety and reduce the chances of confusion.

Consistent Staffing

Nursing home residents feel comfortable when attended to by familiar caregivers. High staff turnover further confuses memory care patients and frustrates them; therefore, negating the effectiveness of therapies. Most nursing homes now have various measures in place to ensure that they have consistent staff.

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With the above guiding principles, most of the issues seen in nursing homes in the past are now part of the history. You can check in your loved one with a memory care condition confidently into a nursing home. The facility you choose should be accredited appropriately based on your state and local regulations to guarantee optimal care.