Three Types of Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningMany people covet a white, bright smile. White teeth are attractive and make a face look more friendly and inviting. Since white teeth are in high demand, many people choose to undergo teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth whitening, especially in North London, is a simple cosmetic procedure. London dentists have been using teeth whitening products since 1884. Hydrogen peroxide, the main ingredient of whitening products in the past, is still in use today. Modern dental practices have since become safer and more effective but the basic ingredients are the same.

Currently, there are three types of teeth whitening treatments available. They all use some kind of peroxide-based whitening paste, but the application is somewhat different.

Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening is a good option for those who do not have heavy tooth staining. Home whitening systems typically use a type of whitening paste that consists of hydrogen peroxide mixed with carbamide peroxide.

It contains less peroxide than whitening pastes available from your dentist. Usually, a home solution contains just 3% to 20% of peroxide. In comparison, professional teeth whitening contain as much as 43% for the strongest solutions.

Patients apply home teeth whitening pastes by placing it inside a customised tray. The tray fits over the teeth, covering it in the solution. The tray is worn for 20 minutes to an hour to achieve a lightening effect.

Light-Activated Teeth Whitening

Light-activated teeth whitening, also called ‘zoom whitening’, uses a peroxide gel that cures using an LED light. Curing lights accelerate the whitening process, leading to quick results. Unlike home whitening systems, this kind of bleaching is quick. Many people see visibly whiter teeth in just two hours.

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The dentist will apply the paste onto the teeth and cure it with an LED lamp. There is no need for the patient to do any whitening at home.

Enlighten Evolution Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Evolution teeth whitening is a combination of home and in-office teeth whitening. This product is popular in London for its quick results. The dentist will usually perform the first stage of the treatment at his practice. Patients will often be required to use enamel-strengthening toothpaste for several days before coming in for the procedure.

After the in-office procedure, patients must wear a custom mouth tray filled with whitening paste. Unlike home systems, the patient must wear the tray for a longer duration. Six hours a night for two weeks is the average time required to achieve lighter teeth.

Everyone has unique teeth with varying levels of staining. Your dentist will help you determine what kind of whitening procedure will work best for you.