Trendy Tooth Modification: 3 Oral Ornaments to Make Your Teeth Sparkle

Trendy Tooth ModificationBody modification is already an accepted medical procedure and has been around for quite a while. The same can be said with tooth ornaments although now, it has become quite a trend.

The following are some well-received fashionable options for tooth ornaments according to Blue Sky Dentistry.

Tooth Gems

As the name implies, these decorative dental add-ons are small gems, made of either glass or real crystal, that are glued onto your tooth’s surface. This is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that includes etching the tooth’s surface then attaching the gem to that area with a light-cured bonding agent. The procedure can stay intact for a few months to a year and are quite easy to remove if you decide that you no longer want them.

Tooth Tattoos

These are not applied directly to your teeth the same way you would apply them to your skin. They are tattoos made on artificial crowns or caps, which are then glued to your teeth. Since they are already imprinted on the crowns and caps it won’t take that long to attach and they are about as permanent as normal crowns. However, you might have to endure a bit of tooth grinding on your own pearly whites to make room for the artificial tattooed crowns to fit your mouth.


Made popular by the hip-hop community, grills are tooth covers that are usually made of precious metals, like gold and silver. They are usually removable, although some people may have it permanently attached onto their teeth. They don’t pose that much of a threat to your oral health as long as they are not worn for too long and are regularly cleaned by your dentist in Northern Ireland.

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Once you get tooth ornaments installed onto your mouth you should be more aware of dental hygiene and care if you intend to keep them on for long. Remember, your decorative upgrades are still attached to your teeth. Loose the tooth and you lose the ornament.