Types of Travellers in a Group of Friends

Friends geared up for a getawayTravelling with friends is something that you should do every once in a while. Such excursions are among the things that will strengthen the bond between you and your friends, as new memories are formed. Other than the places to visit and sights to see, what makes the trip truly worthwhile and memorable is the dynamics that the group has.

Every travelling group has different personalities and roles. If you are going on a vacation with your friends, you need to know in what type or category you belong. You can be one of the following type of traveller:

The Planner

More often than not, the planner is the leader of the group. If you are travelling to Asia, he will surely plan the itineraries, and he knows the fun places to visit in Singapore and other famous destinations. He knows where to eat, and usually, he will talk to locals in case the group gets lost. He likewise knows of reliable resources, such as sentosa.com.sg.

The Navigator

The navigator is your map-reader. During road trips, he will be tasked to look up the GPS device or read the map. He knows most, if not all, the shortcuts and he can get you to the destination fast. With this person in tow, the group will never be lost. Abroad, he usually knows a foreign language or two, so asking locals about the directions will be easy.

The Documentarian

You are making memories during the trip and you are lucky to have a documentarian whose tool of the trade is his camera or video camera. He takes pictures of everything—from the food that you eat to the candid moments where your unflattering appearance shines. If you need to remember something about your vacation, ask this person for photographs; his camera surely captured it.

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Do you identify with any of the personalities above? If not, what role do you play in your group when travelling? Ask your friends; they probably will have varying answers.