What Your Dentist Means by Dental Implants Procedure

Dental ImplantWhen it comes to dental procedures you probably have little information on what it entails or you hardly understand the jargon.

Dental implants procedure is one of these terms that most people don’t know about, other than you will have a new set of teeth.

Research in dentistry has brought about many developments of dealing with dentures and teeth problems that require replacing. Adoption of new dental care procedures by practices such as Blue Sky Dentistry ensures people get quality care.

Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants are artificial teeth placed in your jaw using screw-shaped metal abutments that hold the new tooth in place. All procedures relating to dental implants occur in stages; here is the common three-stage process.

First Surgery

This stage involves placing or surgically burying the tooth root or implant in your jaw. Often it will take a few months, say 4 to 6, for the implants and your jaw to fuse and heal.

Second Surgery (Abutment)

This is the abutment stage where your dentist connects a metallic post-like bit which connects to the gum and protrudes to your mouth. This means it is actually visible, and takes an average of 4-10 months to heal.

Note that at this stage a temporary crown is placed on the abutment to allow for quick and proper healing.

Third Surgery (Restorative)

This is the last stage where you get to see your new tooth or teeth. A permanent crown that fits your dental structure and matches your abutment is prepared. Your dentist will then connect the implant to the prosthetic teeth by screwing or cementing it to the abutment.

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There are many procedures other than the three-step one; in fact there is a one-stage procedure. It all depends on each individual case. Always ensure you enquire with your dentist about any concerns you may have about your procedure.