When is the Appropriate Time to Call for Palliative Care?

two persons holding handsFinding out that a loved one is suffering from a terminal illness is one of the most heartbreaking phases of life. At times like this, you have to be strong and decide if it’s time for palliative care. If you’re still having second thoughts, here are indications that your loved one needs support and assistance from a palliative care provider.

The doctor himself has already said your loved one is within the last few phases of their life.

It’s time to consider the palliative care services of Center for Hospice Care if the doctor has stated your loved one is already within the last few phases of their life.

It is inevitably hard to accept this bitter and heartbreaking truth. But if keeping your loved one in the hospital is not proving helpful, it may be an appropriate time to call for palliative care and bring them home or give them hospice care.

Your loved one has more frequent visits to the emergency room.

If your loved one is being sent to the emergency room more frequently, it’s time to consider palliative care.

Palliative care is an all-around support for your loved one. The palliative care provider assists your loved one in performing day-to-day activities and gives them the emotional support system they need. Also, a palliative care provider helps ease the pain and discomfort your loved one experiences through medication and physical assistance.

With palliative care, you can give your loved one what they need the most — comfort and peace.

Your loved one wishes to be put on palliative care.

The very last and most important indication that it’s time for palliative care is when your loved one has expressed the need for it.

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Given their condition, the best kind of support and love you can give them is to listen to their wishes. By granting your loved one’s wish to be placed in palliative care, you are also giving them an opportunity to get as much comfort and emotional, physical, and spiritual support they need and live out their last chapters with dignity.

Just remember: You’re not alone in this battle. There are many care providers willing to give your loved one the needed assistance, support, and love.