Why Seeking Foreign, Cut-Price Dentistry is Not Worth It

Cut-Price DentistryMost Northern Irish people are comfortable with what they have. They can drink one of the best-crafted beers every day, have all the green pastures to emulate George Best and still live a simpler lifestyle than other English-speaking countries. One thing they do not enjoy locally, however, are dental treatments, which they often get in foreign countries.

There is no shortage of quality dentists in the country, but the prices of their services are driving the Irish to the arms of foreign dentists. While they are able to save money, they pay a direr price. Instead of getting regular-priced dental solutions, they get half-baked treatments that ultimately cause more trouble.

A Dentist’s Perspective

Dental professionals see the kind of shabby work done offshore that justifies its alarmingly low prices. Often, they had to fix ill-fitting veneers, cracked crowns and dental implants. In Northern Ireland, cases go from bad to worse, from pus build-up and sinus infection to missing jaws.

Still, dentists do admit that treatments are more expensive in the country. Compared to the prices in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and other Eastern European countries, patients can get 70% in savings. Furthermore, they are happy with the affordable services they get abroad. As such, it will be hard to have a consensus about where to procure dental services.

This Time, the Customer is Wrong

According to local dentists, their patients prefer low-priced treatments so much that they forget to check the credibility of the practitioner. What comes back to them are mouths that had dental work done in the 18th century. The use of plastic and other inferior materials are rampant, and dentists were not able to address the infection issue.

Furthermore, their techniques are ancient compared to today’s innovative dentistry. Yet, all these are all avoidable if patients do a little research. Some treatments are, indeed, more expensive but there are many dental services that have the same low-cost price without the compromise in quality.

Merits should go to people who are able to find affordable yet excellent deals. But, they should know not to cross the line between discounted items and ones that are low priced because of their run-down quality.